About us

Quilt making has always excited and brought us joy. It eventually inspired us to open Quilter's Nine Patch in 2009.

There is something quite tantalizing when holding a piece of fabric that was designed to be cut up. What will it become? How will it affect the end result?

Not all quilters enjoy the fabric selection stage in quilt making. That’s why at Quilter’s Nine Patch we specialize in making it easier by kit designing.

We try to utilize fabric in ways that will reduce fabric waste. When you purchase a kit from our shop, you should feel confident in knowing we have selected excellent coordinating fabrics. We cut and assembled all the kits ourselves.

New quilters enter the hobby everyday. Some have never made a quilt and want to now how to get started. Our store is for beginners and experts and everyone in-between. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have.
Quality is very important. That’s why we like to carry a large volume of Northcott basics at great prices. Also because we like to support a great Canadian fabric company.
We are also passionate about wool. We hand dye 100% wool for rug hooking and for the more popular wool appliqué. The hand-dyed wool is used for the latest wool kits we are assembling.

Quilting Services
Koren has been Long Arm Machine quilting since 2002. She offers simple machine quilting edge to edge and also custom quilting for those special projects.

Contact us for pricing and turn around times. 

Quilt drop off and pick up location is in Elmira, Ontario.
Email Koren for more details at